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March 14, 2017 by: Diana Beach

This remote valley has some of the best places to sip and sup - Alpandeire

This remote valley has some of the best places to sip and sup - Alpandeire

Look at that! What an array of tapas! We normally go to Casa Grande in Alpandeire when John needs a meat fix - they apparently have the very best meat he has had anywhere. Entrecote of beef. Plain. No poivre sauce. No sauce at all. Just plain meat with an occasional pinch of one of the three special salts provided. He likes it cooked "vuelta y vuelta" or as John always tells them "just wave a box of matches at it".

Doesn´t turn me on at all. I´m more a veggie sort of a person so when we arrived last Sunday and I spotted the array of tapas that are really for eating at the bar with a drink, I asked the amiable Jesus if we could have an assortment as a starter. No problem. And just look at them. Such a delight. Rivalled only by a similar offering in Marrakesh a few years ago.

So, we offer you yet another great place to sip and sup in the remote, unknown, secret Alto Genal Valley, just minutes from bustling Ronda. Alpandeire is about 15 minutes drive from Cartajima where we, Hotel Los Castaños, are located. A pretty twisting mountain lane joins us and you will love it!

I forgot to mention the best bit! At the end of the meal, Rosa or Jesus brings homemade liqueurs - a choice of two, a Baileys lookalike and a coffee one. So delicious. And alcoholic so be careful!



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