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November 19, 2018 by: Diana Beach

The most wonderful restaurant

The most wonderful restaurant

Please meet Javier, proud owner of the Yerbaguena restaurant on the outskirts of Campillos, an hour´s drive from Cartajima.

It came to our attention by a circuitous route and we have been trying to get there for three years now but plans always fell through. It was worth waiting for. 

We had no idea what was in store - for some reason I thought we were heading for a country and western joint! - and were astonished by the quality, the love, the attention that made up this delightful place. Already we have made a reservation to return in December for John´s birthday. It is the place for celebrations.

I could wax lyrically about every aspect of this unique restaurant which has been open for ten years but only just come into our sights. However I will leave it to a few photographs to tell the story of a place full of warmth and pleasure, bottles galore, exquisite food served with care and attention to detail. Thank you, Javier. We´ll be back for more.

I asked Javier how he had learned about Riedel glasses and all the other refinements. He told us his tale of a young man who had the good fortune to land in the right places and the good sense to absorb all the knowledge he saw around him.

I am told that the foie was extraordinary.

I can attest to the ravioli and its excellence - filled with langostinos and setas.

I wish Yerbaguena was closer: I would be there every week. Thank you, Javier for your dedication to excellence.

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