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August 24, 2018 by: Diana Beach

Ronda Shopping Guide for Interesting Gifts

Ronda Shopping Guide for Interesting Gifts

Ronda´s main pedestrian shopping street frequented by locals as well as tourists is called Carrera Espinel. But it is known as Calle la Bola. The reason, so ´tis said, is that a snowball  was started at the top and, as it rolled down the gentle slope, got bigger and bigger till it was enormous and dropped into the gorge at the bottom.

There is an underground car park near the top and another near the bottom. John and I parked at the top and walked down and back up seeking out specialities for your delight. Here's what we found:

Ham, lots of ham shops. We especially liked Viandas because they had small taster cones of hams and cheeses.


Viandas, Number 27

And hats and things made of cork


Calzados La Bomba, Number 8                                       Cork Shop, Number 45

And shoes. Ronda is really good for shoes. This is the shop we like best - chaotic and friendly!


Zerep, Number 104

Then there is the fabulous fan shop! And the intriguing toy shop!


Artesantas Medina, Number 22                                      El Pensamiento, Number 14

And naturally, as we are in Andalucia, there is a guitar shop. No time to visit Morocco? Get a taste here.


Ronda Musica, Number 116                                            El Mercado Aguas de Ronda, Number 80

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