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March 12, 2018 by: Diana Beach

Neanderthal art in Andalucia

Neanderthal art in Andalucia

The picture above may not look like much but it is something absolutely incredible. They are red ochre markings on a cave wall here in Andalucia (Ardales about an hour from Los Castaños) made by a human 64,000 years ago. The only problem is there were no modern humans in Spain until at least 20,000 years later. So who did it?

When I was studying Anthropology at UC Berkeley twenty years ago (I am a late developer!) the archaeological evidence at the time was that Neanderthals were not capable of symbolic representation. How wrong we were to think our closest ancestors were knuckle-dragging brutes!

This is a very recent discovery (February, 2018) using the latest dating techniques and when I read about it, John and I hurried to make an appointment and visit the cave which is near Ardales, just an hour from Los Castaños. It is totally wonderful and I urge my guests to experience it. 

I could rattle on and on about this but I know you won´t read it! Here´s a link to a recent article should you be interested in learning more.

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