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February 23, 2018 by: Diana Beach

Ideas for a Vegan Gourmet Dinner

Ideas for a Vegan Gourmet Dinner

As our reputation grows, we receive ever more requests for a vegetarian or vegan dinner from our guests. Having been both a vegetarian and a vegan**, I am happy to oblige. 

I was challenged by recent vegetarian visitors who have stayed with us many times and enjoyed most of my repertoire so I felt I had to come up with something completely different. After days of pondering, this was the menu:

Amuse bouche of Fried olives. So good. So easy. Look for recipe in the next blog. The original inspiration for these hot tasty morsels was a now-defunct restaurant in Ronda. 

Appetiser of roasted Red Pepper with fennel. An amazingly simple dish with delicious spices. Based on a recipe by Delia Smith in her Vegetarian Collection.

Main dish was a variation of the Moroccan sweet snake called M´hanncha. Filled with an unusual mixture of barley and vegetables, this unusual dish was sprinkled with pistachios and dusted with icing sugar. This was based on a recipe by Jaimie Oliver, who is well known in Morocco! When you go to Marrakesh if you dare to eat in the Djema el-Fna, each stall will claim that Jaimie ate there! It is enchanting. 

Dessert. Didn´t take a picture but it was the light and fluffy Tarta de Santiago, the gluten-free almond cake from Galicia. 

** I am now an opportunist. Whilst preferring a plant-based diet, I will eat what there is particularly when somebody has gone to the trouble of preparing a lovely meal for me. At a recent luncheon, I was served a delicious boeuf bourguignon. I haven´t eaten beef for perhaps thirty years but thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, Shirley!

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