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June 29, 2018 by: Diana Beach

Gastrobar Deja Vu  Ronda Old Town

Gastrobar Deja Vu Ronda Old Town

Just look at that salad in the image above! It was the very best I have tasted for a long time - except of course for the salads out of my own kitchen 😉

It was a stupendous salad with goat cheese and five different berries and the loveliest leaves as you can see (hate iceberg almost as much as I hate plastic). The dressing I couldn´t identify so I asked the camarera but she wouldn´t give much away except for balsamic vinegar.

All this to introduce a fairly new and very small tapas place in Ronda´s old town, Gastrobar Déjà vu. Next time I go, I must enquire about the why of the name. 

We had the salad and the potatoes as shown below which were beyond a doubt the very best potatoes in the world. So incredibly rich with flavour and with six dipping sauces. John and I devoured the plate, hardly stopping to yum. 

The third dish we tried was spectacular as you can see but I didn´t know about the foam when I ordered it and I´m not into foam. When presented with it all I see is the tadpole pond of my youth. But it was very chefy and incredibly beautiful and two out of three ain´t bad.

All this and four glasses of lovely verdejo for a mere 38 €. We sat on the terrace - if you look carefully you can just see John sitting on the left, raising his glass and gazing at me lovingly. The restaurant is located on the main street through old Ronda, Calle Armiñan, on the right hand side entering Ronda. No parking in the immediate vicinity but just after Gastrobar Déjà vu on the left hand side is the square housing the cathedral and ayuntamiento (town hall) where there is a large parking lot. 

Best to make a reservation as it is a small place. Closed Monday and Tuesday. Can´t find a website but telephone number is 604 13 90 49. Bon appetit!

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