Experience A Boutique, Rural Andalusian Hotel Near Ronda


November 30, 2017 by: Diana Beach

Colouring for Grown ups at a hotel near Ronda

Colouring for Grown ups at a hotel near Ronda

On a recent trip to the UK several things surprised me: the efficiency and kindness of the NHS when my daughter broke her arm falling off a chair whilst setting up a show, the smallness of everything compared to the wide open spaces of Spain, and Mindfulness Colouring which I stumbled upon whilst browsing in a bookshop.

Mindfulness has been on my mind for a few years now and, when I can remember to do it, I find it incredibly helpful in quietening the said mind and restoring sanity in moments of stress. But colouring? Never one of my strengths or desires when a child, given my natural tendency to want to cross the lines.

But things have changed with the years I discover. Something extraordinary happened when I picked up a coloured pen and began colouring in a Mindfulness Colouring for Adults picture, I found that it truly worked and I heartily recommend it to anybody suffering from angst over Brexit or Trump, climate change or the devastation caused by plastic on our Blue Planet.

I have therefore put Mindfulness Colouring for Adults doodles with a lovely set of felt tips in each of our ample and quiet rooms. Come and try it. You might find you enjoy it.



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