Spanish Fiesta – Cartajima Romeria

The people of Spain in general and Andalucia in particular have a wonderful ability for combining the sacred with the secular. A classic example is the romeria, essentially a picnic in honour of a favourite saint or religious personage.

Cartajima celebrated their romeria today and took an icon of Jesus to the picnic with them. After a mass, the villagers were led by a coro Rocio or group of singers dressed in trajes de gitana or what we would call flamenco dresses, colourful, polka-dotted, long flouncy dresses. They sing joyful, popular and folk songs accompanied by guitars and drums.

Upon arrival at a high point just outside the village they carefully place the icon under the trees and then party. Each family group takes a barbecue, a cooler full of beer and bowls of salads. Live music, dancing, hanging-out till night falls when they process back to the church.