Salmorejo – Cordoba vs Ronda

Salmorejo is a Spanish dish that you may have encountered. And it probably looked like this:

salmorejo cordoba

Like gazpacho but much much thicker as you can see. And irristible as you can tell! Thick and creamy and served very cold as a first course. Based on tomatoes and bread, it tops the menu of every single bar and restaurant in Cordoba. I love it but, on its own in Cartajima, it doesn’t quite work as a first course BUT paired with my Chorizo al Infierno, I think it would be a great starter.

If you order salmorejo in Ronda, you will be very surprised. This is what you get:

salmorejo ronda

The only common ingredient is olive oil. It is basically a potato salad with tuna and, at our favourite Ronda bar El Mirador, oranges, the chef’s personal touch. Equally delicious but totally different.

The etymology has me stumped I cannot account for it and neither can anybody I have asked. And nor can wikipedia who rather oddly comment that “natives prefer to enjoy it in the shade on a warm summer day”!!

If there’s a linguist out there who can make the connection, get in touch. Please!