New restaurant Serrania de Ronda

What else can one do on a dreary November Sunday but go out for lunch with a good bottle of red. But where to go. We ran through our favourite places but nothing appealed. It was beginning to look as if I would be back in the kitchen rustling up something warming for body and soul.

Dreary Day in the Genal Valley

But, lo, the food gods looked kindly upon me that day for as we dithered by the door, I glanced down and behold, there was a postcard pushed under the mat, a fortuitous corner visible. Meson La Pozuela in Jubrique sounded like the perfect Sunday place!

Meson  La Pozuela

The one hour drive to Jubrique (not to be confused with Ubrique where the leather comes from) was a delight. The open mountains of the Alto Genal loomed closer as we entered the Bajo Genal, reminiscent of the heavily treed mountains of BBC panda documentaries – steep and shrouded in wispy mists. But no pandas here, just a charming Dutch couple running a delightful restaurant. It was easy from the outset to appreciate their enthusiasm, attention to detail, and professionalism.

Meson La Pozuela

The atmosphere was perfect for the occasion – the warm colours of the traditional Andalucian textiles, the comfortable chairs, the quiet charm of our hosts. Not to mention the excellent red and the delicious food. First impressions being what they are, Barry and Hellen got it just right with their homemade bread flavoured with oregano and thyme accompanied by a little pot of alioli and another of tapenade. We were off to an excellent start!

Tomato soup could be boring but not Barry’s Roasted Tomato Soup. It was perfect for the day.

John had the topside of beef with a green pepper sauce and I the hake, quite the crispiest I have ever tasted. Would love to know the secret!

We could taste the love and care that went into the food and we wish them every success for they deserve it. Cheers Barry and Hellen! Thank you for a delightful Sunday lunch.

Meson La Pozuela website but better to visit their Facebook page where they announce the changes in the menu.