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News and Offers

Sawdays Special Places. 10-6-14

Sadly, after ten years, we made the decision to cancel our subscription to Sawdays. We got tired of spending a ton of money to be in Sawdays Special Places of Spain books/website with little return. A recent guest pointed out to me that Sawdays are giving the impression that we no longer exist. I am telephoning them daily to get any reference to us removed forthwith but just thought I would let you know. We are still very much in operation and our standards as high as ever!

1-6-14 Cartajima feria will be celebrated this year on 14th, 15th and 16th August so if you fancy three days and nights of fun, dancing, eating etc. come join us!

28-6-14 Fabulous new holiday offer for those wishing to explore Wild Andalucia Undiscovered Spain.

1-5-14 There is now a bus from Ronda to the Alto Genal villages of which Cartajima is one. If you do not want to rent a car but want to visit this remote valley, you can now be independent. Here is the timetable: http://www.turismoderonda.es/informacion/pdf/horarioautobuses.pdf