Local Dining near Los Castaños, Cartajima

Cartajima has two bars, one that open all year and another one just for the summer. Simple, traditional places, naturally, but lovely for supping and sipping local specialities. In your room folder is a map of the village which will show you the way.

Winter Setas at Bar Amalia

Food for Thought?
is a guest from Houston’s interesting take on his dining experience in Cartajima.

In Juzcar, the blue village just 4 km away. there are a couple of  eating choices: the bar Torreceli and the Hotel Bandolero where Cordon Bleu chef, Ivan, creates seasonal treats.

Further afield in other Alto Genal villages, there are dining delights to be discovered. Farajan, for example, has a bar serving tasty Moroccan fare;

 Alpandeire has a fantastic restaurant, La Casa Grande, that we save for special occasions. John says their beef is unequalled and I adore the carpaccio de langostinos.

Ronda, just 20 minutes drive away, is a busy tourist destination and has much to offer, good and bad and even ugly. We can tell you what to avoid and where the best secret places are, known only to the locals. But please ask us. I hate it when guests return saying what a bad food experience they had in Ronda. It is a touristy town because it is so beautiful and interesting – but the downside can be a here today, gone tomorrow attitude.