Sacré Bleu!

Many cans of “pitufo* azul” paint are emptied every day as Juzcar’s old walls are prepared for the big event on an unspecified day but rumoured (Sony aren’t saying anything) to be 16th June in advance of the launching of the new Smurf movie on 5th August. The Juzcareños smile and laugh – they have never had so much fun.

Just one loose bristle in the paintpot, however. It appears the bishop will not give permission for the church to be painted blue. Wonder why? Does he think the Catholic Church will lose credibility? Come on, your excellency, lighten up. Join the joke.

Juzcar church

Juzcar church remains lily white

Interestingly, the cemetary has been painted blue so I deduce that it belongs to the village and not to the church.

And yet another even more interesting snippet is that Microsoft did a similar stunt for the launch of Windows 7. They found a little Spanish village called Sietes and painted its windows in Windows colours.

Sietes, the Microsoft 7 Spanish hamlet

*I have no idea why the Smurfs are called pitufos in Spanish. This translates as small bread rolls – see below. Would welcome enlightenment from any of my readers who have a more intimate connection with the little blue creatures.

A Spanish wholewheat pitufo