Gaddafi, Smurfs and 16th June

From being an undiscovered, overlooked pristine Andalucian valley, the Alto Genal is really hitting the headlines. Not for all the reasons my guests and I are here: the untrampled beauty, the tranquillity broken only by birdsong, and the traditional villagers always ready with a smile. But because the Smurfs are here! How on earth did Sony find this place that even Spaniards don’t know exists?

Here’s an article from the Montreal Gazette of all things, AND with this picture by Reuters! A Reuters photographer was here. WOW!

It was no secret in these parts that the Gaddafi family owned an enormous tract of land between our valley and the Costa del Sol with frequent attempts to get permission for too many houses. Thank you, Spanish Government, for pulling the plug on that little enterprise. Not in My Back Yard, thank you!!

Tomorrow, the 16th June, all the children in the valley are being taken to Juzcar, dressed up in Smurf costumes and paraded in the now summer temperatures through the streets, playing games, face-painting and a host of other activities. Hope their costumes are made for this climate and they don’t melt inside them!

Come and check out this extraordinary turn of events. Or wait till September when peace will once more reign supreme in the Alto Genal Valley.

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