Free Hot Water

On a late November morning, as soon as the sun rose and cast low rays onto Cartajima, the temperature in the new solar pipes rose 10 degrees in just a few minutes. Not bad technology!

Unlike previous solar experiments, cobbled together from bits and pieces that John found in his pockets, the new solar panels gracing the roof of Los Castanos were purchased ready-made. Their neo-industrial look contrasts delightfully with the backdrop of the ochre pantile roofed village houses, the stunning mountains peaking through the tubes, and the quaint old-fashioned TV aerials!

A solar thermal collector is almost as common a feature of Spanish roofs as the television aerial. World leader in producing renewable energy, Spain began its innovative policy after the 1979 fuel crisis with an
initiative accounting for Spain’s world domination of sustainable fuel production. The law aimed to encourage energy savings and decrease dependence upon others.

Well done, España!