Fame at last

As my loyal followers will know from previous postings of a personal nature, I foolishly went to sea when I was young. Once there, I spent several years on it, in it, surrounded by it, even washing in it and cooking with it. The chosen vessel had no engine, a gash crew (in that only one of us knew what he was doing), no radio, no winches, and little food. But miraculously we survived. By modern standards, it was a ludicrous venture but, at the time, simply adventurous.

Now, many years later, I have my turn in the spotlight. The illustrious boating publication, Yachting Monthly, has seen what none before has noticed – that I am a brilliant writer and deserve exposure. Admittedly, they could only spare one page – one side of one page – for my old-fashioned reminiscences but, hell, I am thrilled and would love you to share in my glory.

Here it is:

mjojo yachting monthly