2c Dining Los Castanos


It would seem that our culinary reputation is growing, much to my surprise! The food we serve is simply healthy, sustaining, and interesting but certainly owes nothing to Michelin standards of portions or decoration or complexity. Our culinary inspiration springs from the Western Mediterranean, incorporating Spanish and Moroccan flavours, featuring local ecological produce and, above all, simplicity.

Having been at times an omnivore, a vegan, and a vegetarian, Di is well versed in all dietary restrictions. Our food is pretty slow so we need to know in the morning if you wish to dine that evening. Fairly gourmet 3-course dinner, appetizers, first, main, pudding, coffee costs 35 euros per person.

For those with a smaller appetite or who have had a large lunch, we also have a menu of seasonal small plates to share. Available every evening. Let us know your choices by about 6 pm. The menu has a great deal of choice ranging from a whole tortilla de patatas to less well known delicacies. Enjoy your chosen dishes on the rooftop terrace or in the dining room or on your balcony.

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