Cartajima comes first

Love ’em or hate ’em, IKEA has done a Good Thing! To celebrate their Malaga store’s five year anniversary, IKEA promised 25,000 euros to the village that received the most votes. We won!!

Cartajima Number One

The 25,000 euros has to be spent in IKEA of course (one would not expect unbridled altruism) and on social projects to benefit the community. The money will be spent on two areas in the village:

One is a small house used by several groups – the Escuela de Adultos (where older people who did not get an education the first time around are taught to read and write and everything else), the Asociación de Mujeres (Women’s Association) which is a strong and powerful force in the village (these ladies are not to be messed with) and, when they promise to be good and not smoke/drink therein, the village youngsters.

The second is a large space under the main square – built by a previous administration to provide car parking for the employees of the town hall (i.e. the mayor) but sanity prevailed and it has been converted into a useful place for village events, parties, and knees-ups! (of which there are many, this being Andalucia, famous for fiestas and siestas)

Both spaces will be redecorated, equipped with shiny, matching IKEA furniture, the bathrooms kitted out and maybe a little left over for a fiesta to celebrate the inauguration.

Hats off to the 70-odd residents of Cartajima who somehow motivated over 2000 people to vote for us! (Just for the record, there was no corruption here. Each person had to go to IKEA to cast their vote and give their ID.)  There is fierce (and I mean lethal) competition between the seven villages of the Alto Genal – always has been, always will be – but this is a clear demonstration that Cartajima is best!!

And here is Mr. Mayor Sir, on the far left, receiving the cheque:

Cartajima Number One