Fame at Last, Part Two

When a messenger came to the door of Los Castaños requesting a signature for a package, Silvia thought nothing of it and signed. It is a sad sign of our times that I instinctively kept as much distance as I could between me and this unsolicited package when I sliced it open.

But the packaging slid unthreateningly away to reveal a set of three nesting Pyrex dishes. No note. No packing slip. No indication of its provenance.

Another sign of our twisted times – my first thought was that it was a “free” gift from a company who would now plague me to buy their products.

So I made a few calls. First to the shipper who put me on to the distributer who gave me the mobile number for somebody in DiarioSur, a daily newspaper on the Costa del Sol. She didn’t know what I was talking about. “Pyrex? Ningun idea” she said but promised to make enquiries.

By next morning I had abandoned my scruples about accepting unsolicited gifts and stored the three useful nesting Pyrex dishes in my kitchen in the certain hope that somebody would claim responsibility some day.

The mystery was solved sooner than expected. The editor of the Sur in English, part of the aforementioned DiarioSur, rang me.

“I understand you have no idea why you received the box of Pyrex dishes! You won first prize! Your Letter to the Editor was the Letter of the Week!”

Living as I do far from newspapers, I had no idea. But I am thrilled. Fame at Last!