Breakfast in Andalucia

Breakfast in Andalucia – sounds like the title of a Hemingway novel! We were on the hunt for the perfect photograph of Ronda – an image that would capture the magnificence of this ancient settlement. Having scoped out the best location for the photograph evening before, we arrived early next morning at the terrace of one of our favourite ventas, El Mirador. It also has the best views of old Ronda as you can see in the image below.

The venta’s owner, Antonio, turned up just as our photographic work was finished. Laden with the morning’s shopping – buckets of shellfish for the lunch menu and bags of fresh bread – he fired up the expresso machine and toasted our molletes, smiling the while – a man who loves his life.

So then I had to photograph the Andalucian breakfast with the beauties of old Ronda in the background: toasted bread rubbed with garlic, anointed with virgin olive oil, doused in squashed tomatoes and sprinkled with sea salt. Cup of fresh coffee. Beautiful view. Fresh morning air. Heaven.

At Los Castaños, breakfast is a more northern European affair. Our Spanish guests always are amazed

by what our international guests eat. The thought of cereal, yogurt, eggs is unthinkable. Most surprising for us is that the rich juice from the oranges that Spain produces in such quantities and the glorious fresh fruit that abounds here in sunny Spain, does not seem to appeal to the locals. The primary schools even have a day each week when the pupils HAVE to bring fruit for their midday snack rather than the bread roll usually consumed – with a chocolate bar tucked inside!