• ronda

    Three unique Ronda events

    The Goyesca 10th September 2016 The world-famous Goyesca, the iconic bullfight,  takes place this year on Saturday, 10th September and, if you happen to be in Ronda, it’s a visual feast. I don’t mean the corrida itself but the hoohah…

  • andaluciansummer1 copy

    Five Andalucian Summer Treats

    Andalucia is fun all year round but the summer is THE time to go. It’s party month! Every city, town and village has a summer fair ostensibly in the name of the patron saint but actually more in honour of…

  • veges 1920

    Ratatouille Revisited and Roasted

    When a neighbour generously shared some vegetables from his garden, warm from the Mediterranean sun, and glistening with promise, my first thought was Ratatouille but my second thought was no, not a good idea. Ratatouille could make those beautiful fruits slimy…

  • pot

    Blue is the new orange

    I confess I’m addicted to change. My drug of choice was acquired early in life as I had to deal with a multitude of moves and sixteen primary schools in two countries on either side of the Atlantic. Once an…

  • gib

    Visit Gibraltar

    One of the many attractions of this part of southern Spain is Gibraltar, a massive bastion of Britishness tagged onto the end of Spain and enduring despite all attempts to wrest it from its status as a BOT – British…

  • roofs

    Mountain paradise rebirth

    Exciting changes are happening in Cartajima! I have long thought that the only way to save remote villages like Cartajima from ghostification was to create sustainable responsible tourism thus providing entrepreneurial opportunities for the few young people who chose to…

  • page

    Tantalising Tangier

    Guests returning from one of our high altitude walks speak in wonder of Africa. We saw Africa, they cry! We didn’t know it was so close! It is just 14.3 km on the other side of the Mediterranean. And very accessible….

  • Now watch the movie!

    As you will know if you follow this blog, before being a hotelier or a mature university student or a computer tutor or a food van person, I spent a good few years of my youth sailing around oceans with…

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