Artists of Los Castaños

I am staggered by my guests’ insistance upon enjoying themselves.

A recent exemplary group of four decided upon a painting competition – in just one hour they must create a masterpiece. Watching them return from their day-long hike through the valley on a warm August day I had my doubts that they were up for this self-inflicted challenge. But eagerly they seized the pencils and paints we provide and dispersed in search of their chosen view.

Judging began on the terrace after the call for refreshments had been answered.

judging art

The Painting the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home. (I would have liked to keep all four but, rather selfishly I thought, the artists insisted upon keeping them)

clare's entrance

Inspired by the entrance to the Los Castaños:

entrance original

Biggest Wow Factor. This little gem should have won the competition but was far too
good for an amateur competition – the artist claimed to be a doctor but I think he was an imposter. (The photo does not do it justice at all.)

david's landscape

And here is the rooftop terrace view that inspired the painting:

inspirational view

Best Impressionist work of art:

wendy's balcony view

Inspired by the view from the guest’s balcony:

view from balcony

Best Primitive. Could have come first in many categories but I decided one miniature whisky bottle was enough for anybody.

doug's chestnut with cow

Inspired clearly by the sweet chestnut trees that fill the Alto Genal valley but the cow is a figment as we have only goats in these parts.