A Fihsy Business

My friend, Penny, was wandering in Ronda the other day and spotted this intriguing sign:

fish massage

What sort of massage? As I make it my business to keep my readers abreast of local activities and opportunities, we made appointments and gave it a whirl. Literally as it turned out!

Yolanda, the smiley owner of the Fish Massage, washed our feet, sprayed them with oygenated water, and gently clad them in clean disposable slippers.

The washing of the feet

And then we gingerly put our feet into the tank of fish!

It was a most bizaare sensation and unusual experience to have a swarm of tiny fishies flocking around the feet (interestingly favouring the right foot) but extremely pleasant. She told us the fish come originally from Turkey and their provenance is authenticated:

turkey fish

The whole experience was funny. Made us laugh. And curious. But with smooth feet. And impressed with the young woman who has been so bold as to start something so strange in such a traditional town as Ronda. Yolanda keeps it immaculately clean, the fish look well as far as one can tell and apparently thrive on the diet (which has to be supplemented with fishfood if insufficient customers come).

On your next visit to Los Castanos you will undoubtedly spend a day exploring the ancient and fascinating town of Ronda. When you are tired and footsore from shopping and sightseeing, head for Calle Naranja and for 20 euros enjoy 30 minutes of sitting, relaxing and getting your feet cleaned up. (actually 15 euros at the moment so hurry while stocks last).